John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas

“Topographic Maps, Data Book, Elevation Profiles and Resupply Guide
for the entire 210 mile John Muir Trail… in one pocket-size booklet!”

John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas

The fully updated 2nd Edition John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas is here!

Featuring new and improved maps, elevation profiles, data tables, resupply guide, town maps and other new features, this edition provides everything you’ll need to plan your hike and successfully navigate the John Muir Trail (and it’s the same compact size and light weight as the original.)

With A John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas 2nd Edition You Can:

  • Carry a complete set of topographic maps and trail data in a pocket-sized full-color booklet that measures just 5 x 8 x 0.1 inches and weighs only 2.4 ounces.
  • Navigate the trail and easily identify important landmarks (campsites, water sources, bear boxes, ranger stations, side trails and more) using fully annotated topographic maps.
  • Prepare for steep climbs and descents using easy-to-read, detailed elevation profiles that show all of the elevation changes on the trail.
  • Make itineraries and track your progress with trail data (names, distances between points, cumulative mileage and elevations) for more than a hundred on-trail landmarks.
  • Plan resupplies, mail drops and town stops using the resupply guide and town maps which include everything you’ll need to know about towns and outposts near the trail.
  • Upload digital waypoints to your GPS receiver that are designed to work in conjunction with the maps, data tables and elevation profiles from the atlas.
  • Plan travel logistics and other aspects of your hike with information about permits, public transportation, side trails, access roads, trailheads and more.


John Muir Trail Pocket Atlas includes everything you need to plan your hike and navigate the trail:

John Muir Trail Overview Map

John Muir Trail Overview Map

Overview map shows the entire John Muir Trail route from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney and important features of the surrounding area, including: towns and resupply locations, peaks and passes, side trails, access roads, trailheads and wilderness boundaries. Also includes an elevation profile of the entire trail.

John Muir Trail Map

John Muir Trail Topographic Maps

Topographic maps show the John Muir Trail in close-up detail for daily navigation and planning. Our maps are 1:63,360 scale (1 inch = 1 mile) and include: foliage maps, 3D hill-shading, easy-to-read contour lines and UTM grids. Hundreds of annotations mark the locations of: campsites, water sources, bear boxes, creek fords, ranger stations, side trails and other important landmarks.

John Muir Trail Data Table

Data Tables w/ Elevation Profiles

Data tables list waypoints along the John Muir Trail and provide supplemental information (distances between points, cumulative mileage and elevation.) Unlike other guidebooks, which put this information in a separate section, our ‘floating data tables’ are located on the maps – so you don’t have to flip back and forth.

John Muir Trail Resupply Guide

John Muir Trail Resupply Guide

Resupply guide lists all of the towns and outposts near the John Muir Trail where you can send a maildrop or buy supplies, which services are available at each location, the shipping address and directions on how to get there from the trail.

John Muir Trail Town Maps

Town Maps

Town maps show the layout of major trail towns near the John Muir Trail (Yosemite Valley, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop and Lone Pine) and the locations of important hiker services, including: bus stops, post offices, lodging, groceries, restaurants, libraries, laundromats, outfitters and other places of interest.

John Muir Trail Transit Map

Public Transit Map

Public transit map shows public transportation routes that provide access to towns and trailheads near the John Muir Trail. Yosemite Area Regional Transit (YARTS), Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA), Yosemite National Park Shuttles, Mammoth Area Shuttles and the Lake Edison Ferry are included.

John Muir Trail Side Trails

Side Trail & Trailhead Information

The John Muir Trail intersects several side trails which provide an important link to nearby trailheads, roads and towns. These side trails are shown on the overview and topographic maps and additional information (distances, trailheads and elevations) is listed in a convenient reference table.

John Muir Trail Permits

Permit Information

A wilderness permit is required to backpack the John Muir Trail (which passes through two nationals parks and two national forests with various permitting requirements.) Information on where and how to get your permit is included.

John Muir Trail GPS Waypoints

GPS Waypoints (Digital Download)

A digital waypoint file designed to work in conjunction with the maps, data tables and elevation profiles from the atlas is included.

GPX Format – Compatible with most GPS receivers.

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John Muir Trail Atlas is the lightest, most compact, highly detailed, easy-to-use guidebook available for the John Muir Trail:

John Muir Trail Guide Comparison

Customer Reviews

John Muir Trail Pocket Atlases have been used by thousands of people to successfully hike the John Muir Trail since the first edition was published in 2010. Here are a few notes from happy customers:

“A friend and I completed a northbound John Muir Trail thru-hike this August and the JMT Atlas became our go-to resource. We also carried pages from the Wenk JMT Guide and Tom Harrison maps. Both of the other resources were helpful for supplementary information, but the JMT Atlas was the one guide that proved itself indispensable. We both agreed that if we were to carry only one map or guide, it would be the John Muir Trail Atlas.”

- Gary Larsen (John Muir Trail Thru-Hiker)

“I used the John Muir Trail Atlas this summer on the John Muir Trail. The maps are excellent quality and scale and the format is well organized and easy to use. I kept the Atlas in my cargo pocket and referred to it often.”

- John Greenheck (John Muir Trail Thru-hiker)

“The John Muir Trail Atlas is the only map I carried on my 2010 JMT thru hike. Easy to use, profiles on each page, helpful mileage tables and graphics. VERY user friendly.”

- Sean Dupre (John Muir Trail Thru-Hiker)

“I loved using your John Muir Trail Atlas. It is compact (no folding and unfolding) and easy to use while on the move, and weighs less than one of those waterproof topo maps and covers the entire trail. Thanks for your excellent work and a high quality product!”

- Joe McDougall (John Muir Trail Section Hiker)

“I came off John Muir Trail a week ago. I used your Atlas constantly and found it very useful and easy to use. One thing I didn’t think we would need but ended up being quite grateful for were Town Maps. We decided to come out Kearsarge Pass to the Onion Valley TH (we were exhausted!) and it helped us know what was in Independence and Lone Pine. At that point, wanting a decent motel and something good to eat were our priorities and the maps helped us tremendously. Thanks for creating the JMT Atlas. Worth every penny!”

- Betsy “Dreamer” Cotton (John Muir Trail Thru-Hiker)

“I just got back from a thru of the John Muir Trail. After watching the sunset we came down from the summit of Whitney just 24 hours ago, 14 days after leaving Happy Isles. All safe and sound back in So. Cal now. Your Atlas was the talk of the trail, everyone wanted to check it out! Thanks so much for putting this together.”

- Jennifer Williams (John Muir Trail Thru-Hiker)

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